Macron to dine with Merkel in Berlin on Friday
Monday, June 14, 2021       18:02 WIB

Berlin, June 14, 2021 (AFP)
French President Emmanuel Macron will have dinner with Angela Merkel in Berlin on Friday -- the first time this year the German chancellor has received a foreign leader in person, her spokeswoman said.
The working dinner at the chancellery will focus on "European policy issues", government spokeswoman Martina Fietz said on Monday.
Talks will focus on the "coordination between Germany and France" ahead of an EU summit in Brussels on June 24-25, she said.
The dinner meeting comes after G7 leaders gathered in England at the weekend for their first in-person summit in almost two years.
World leaders were also meeting in Brussels on Monday for the first summit with US President Joe Biden.
Subjects on the agenda included how to deal with China's rise and confronting an emboldened Russia, ahead of a meeting between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday.
At the EU summit, leaders are due to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic, economic recovery, migration and external relations, including with Turkey and Russia.
At an online Franco-German council of ministers in May, Macron paid tribute to the German chancellor, who is bowing out of politics this year after 16 years in power.
"This last council allows me to say how much the Franco-German relationship owes to your commitment, your willingness to take action, sometimes your patience with us, and your ability to listen," Macron said.

Sumber : AFP
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